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Level 2 Volunteers:
Application: LVL 2 VOLUNTEER APPLICATION PDF 042423.pdf
Volunteer Process:
·         The citizen will need to complete the Volunteer Application/Criminal Background Consent Form in its ENTIRETY
·         We require the ORIGINAL application and not a COPY of the application 
·         Section I filled out in its ENTIRETY by the applicant, that is to include a COMPLETE SSN
·         Section II signed and notarized by the applicant in front of a notary BEFORE it arrives to Safety & Security
·         Section III Level 2 should be selected and a school official should sign on the School Official Signature line
·         Section IV left BLANK until AFTER the results come back
·         We require color  or black/white clear copy of the applicant’s driver’s license
·         Only ONE school PER form (each school will need its own form)
·         The citizen will KEEP the copy of the Mandated Reporter page
·         The citizen will need to complete the Name-Based Criminal History Record Information Consent/Inquiry Form in its ENTIRETY
·         Section II and III should be signed by the school BEFORE the applicant comes to Safety & Security
·         Please make sure the applicant fills out the application in its entirety. If not, the form will be sent back to be the school and addressed to the Principal due to the sensitive material in the packet for corrections.
·         If Section IV is signed the form will be sent back to the school and addressed for the Principal.
·         It takes a WEEK TO A WEEK AND A HALF for the RESULTS to come back.  Example: If a citizen brings an application on Monday it will NOT be ready for a field trip on Friday of the same week. Every situation is different and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
·         Lastly, if someone mistakenly selected Level 1 and it should have been Level 2. Please have the school official initial the corrected one. We have no way of knowing if the applicant changed it or a school official and that will delay the process.
·         Forms can be sent interoffice mail (in a sealed folder without holes) or the applicant can bring the form to Safety & Security.

Level 3 Volunteers:
Application:LVL 3 VOLUNTEER APPLICATION PDF 042423.pdf
Applicants, please completely fill out the attached documents to ensure there is no delay. Once the documents are filled out, we will need the documents hand-delivered to 1099 Battle Creek Road, Jonesboro, GA 30214. We can not accept any emailed documents due the individuals' personal information being on the documents. Please make sure that ONLY Section III is signed and NOT section IV. We will also need a clear copy of the applicant's driver's license. After we upload their information in the GEMALTO system, the Volunteer applicant will receive an email informing them that their registration was successful. After Safety and Security approves the applicant in GEMALTO as a CCPS Volunteer applicant, the applicant will receive a registration receipt via email (the email used on the Safety and Security application). At this time, the applicant may take the emailed registration receipt to CCC Fingerprinting Services, LLC. 4140 Jonesboro Road, Suite D-9 Forest Park, GA 30297 to be fingerprinted. The applicant is encouraged to call before arrival to ensure availability. They do not have to make an appointment. The number is 404-465-0188. Please have all applicants write their email addresses clearly and legibly as this is how they will be contacted by GEMALTO. ALL 5 forms PLUS the driver's license must be hand delivered to Safety & Security.

Parental Involvement: Parent_Involvement_Brochure.pdf
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