Summer Assignments



Latin II Students:
1. Review all vocabulary in the Latin I and Latin II books for Stages 1-14. There will be a comprehensive vocabulary quiz over the words in these stages (multiple choice matching, but from word banks).
2. Make a Vocabulary List for Stage 14 that includes: Latin word, Part of Speech, Definition of Latin word, English Derivative/ Definition and its breakdown into prefix-root-suffix (whichever apply).
Below are links to the online books:
Latin 1 Book

Latin II Book

Latin III students:
1. Make a vocabulary list for Stage 25 which includes:
a. List of Latin words, definition, part of speech
b. Derivative for each word, its definition, and a breakdown of the dervative into its prefix-root-suffix
2. Read the story from Stage 25 Modestus Custos on page and translate the story.
Latin III online book
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