Awards and Recognitions

College Board Recognition Program: Congratulations to Delaney Reese, Michelle Chavez-Ramirez, Oluwadara Dehinsilu, and Marcellus Milner IV (pictured from left to right) for being selected as a College Board Recognition Program awardee for their accomplishments on the PSAT and/or performance on Advanced Placement exams. College Board's recognition programs award academic honors to underrepresented students and students are able to include this academic honor in their college and scholarship applications. Job well done!

Award Winner:
Ms. Laquisha Smith (9th grade Honors Biology) had the pleasure of attending CMaT (Cell Manufacturing Technologies) annual retreat at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During which, all summer interns presented their research posters to CMaT PhD candidates, collegiate professors, and industry professionals. At the conclusion of the retreat, 1st-3rd place summer poster award winners were selected, and we are honored to say that ESA's own Laquisha Smith won 1st place! Part of her next steps include working closely with CMaT in the future, teaching the action plan that she developed during the program, and planning field trips to allow our students to see this groundbreaking research first hand!