CCPS Chromebooks

Attention Parents and Students: The Department of Technology will be collecting all student chromebooks  at the end of this school year (May 2023; after testing). This step is necessary in order to address the issue of device loss, theft, and damage. Student Chromebooks will be re-issued to students at the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year. The expectation will be that new guidelines and educational resources to support responsible device use and care will be implemented at all school sites. 

Online ELBC User Agreement QR Code:

Students needing a CCPS chromebook will need to have an electronic agreement signed by their parent prior to being able to receive a chromebook. Parents, please scan the QR code and complete the electronic agreement form.
Agreement with QR Code: ELBC Online Agreement.jpeg

Info Flyer: 
ELBC Flyer.pdf

Parent / Student Orientation Video about ELBC program details, expectations, and device care guidelines:
ELBCYoutube Video Translation Instructions.pdf

CCPS Expectations for Device Care :
Device Care Doc.pdf

ELBC User Agreement Form: This form must be collected from each student at the time of distribution in order to receive a Chromebook and accessories.
ELBC User Agreement Form.pdf
French ELBC User Agreement.pdf
Spanish ELBC User Agreement.pdf
Vietanemse ELBC User Agreement.pdf

Chromebook Damage, Theft, and Repairs:
Damage and Theft of Devices
Devices that are stolen need to be reported to the school-based computer technician immediately. In addition, stolen or vandalized devices should be reported to the police.  Stolen devices must be reported within 72 hours and accompanied by a police report. The circumstances of each situation involving lost equipment will be investigated individually. After one reported instance of theft or damage, students/families may be billed for additional damaged or stolen equipment.

Damaged devices will be assessed by a school-based computer technician and a loaner device will be issued, if available, while the assigned device is being repaired. The warranty company will determine if a device is beyond repair due to negligence or intentional damage. Replacement accessories will be available for purchase online.

Occasionally, unexpected problems do occur with the devices that are not the fault of the user (computer crashes, software errors, etc.). The school-based computer technician on site will assist students with these issues. A teacher must submit a technology ticket for device and login/access issues.

Loaner Devices
Students will be permitted to receive a "loaner" device under the following circumstances:
1.) When their Chromebook needs to be fixed or serviced in school.
2.) If there is an extended problem with their Chromebook that cannot be solved during the day.

Any malicious or habitual problems with individual student Chromebooks will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, which (if violating the Acceptable Use Policy) may result in not being able to receive a loaner device.


Students are expected to bring their fully charged chromebook to school every day. If you forget your chromebook or did not charge your chromebook, you must call your parent and notify them, and ask for your device and charger to be brought to school. School and County technology devices are to be used for school related assignments, assessments, research, etc. This includes chromebooks, laptops, and desktops. Please ensure that your technology use reflects this. Devices should not be used for video games, non-educational videos, accessing or searching for inappropriate content or sites, or any other recreational type of activities. Failure to cooperate will result in limited or no use of school technology devices and possible disciplinary action. Chromebooks should be safely secured when away from school, and turned off and safely secured over breaks. 

If you are experiencing issues with your chromebook, troubleshooting steps should be attempted (close applications, logout, shutdown and restart, etc.) If the issue is not resolved with troubleshooting, notify a teacher who can submit a tech ticket for you. If your device or accessories are damaged, lost, or stolen, replacement accessories will be available for purchase. Notify a teacher and a tech ticket will be submitted on your behalf.